Submit to the HBFF 2013 Film Competition

The Hollywood Black Film Festival (HBFF) welcomes narrative features, shorts, student and documentary films for its competitive program. Animation films, music videos and web series will be considered for its non-competitive program.

HBFF accepts film submissions from all filmmakers; however, to be eligible for the festival’s competitive program, one of the film’s creative principals, i.e. the writer, director or producer must be Black or of African heritage. All other films will be considered for our invitational program. Please notify the festival in your application if your submission does not meet the requirements for the competitive program and you wish to be considered for the invitational program.

Narrative feature films should be at least 60 minutes in length; short films should be 30 minutes in length or less; and student films must have been completed while the filmmaker was enrolled as a full or part-time student in a college or university. Web series content creators must submit at least 3 episodes, in ALL genres, less than 20 minutes in length each.

Through a public exhibition and competition program, the Hollywood Black Film Festival screens feature, short, student and documentary films in order to enhance the careers of emerging and established black filmmakers.  The festival’s goal is to play an integral role in discovering and launching independent films and filmmakers by bringing them to the attention of the industry, media and public.

Since its inception, HBFF Has screened a total of 867 independent films including 156 features, 450 shorts, 141 documentaries, 92 student films, 14 animated films and 11 music videos, from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Japan, the Bahamas, Central African Republic, Ghana, Burundi, Nigeria, Australia, South Africa, Kenya, Haiti, Burkina Faso, Niger, Russia, Brazil, Jordan, Jamaica, Spain, Cuba, Trinidad and Tobago, Singapore and the Philippines. It has held 452 world premieres, 30 U.S. premieres, 122 West Coast premieres and 65 Los Angeles premieres. Over 60,000 people have attended and enjoyed the diversity of Black Cinema through this festival.



Festival Dates: October 2-6, 2013

Call for Entries: April 1 – July 1, 2013

Earlybird Deadline: May 5, 2013                           Fee: $65/$60 with WAB discount

Regular Deadline: June 16, 2013                            Fee: $75/$70 with WAB discount

Late Deadline: July 1, 2013                                       Fee: $85/$80 with WAB discount

WAB Extended Deadline: July 8, 2013                      Fee: $85/$80 with WAB discount


Notification to Filmmakers: July 29, 2013

Festival Schedule: August 19, 2013


Film Delivery: September 11, 2013


$15 discount available for student submissions.


Film submissions must have been completed after September 1, 2012.


Please read the Filmmaker FAQ’s for complete details before submitting.


By submitting your film to HBFF, you acknowledge that you have read, understand and agree with all of the Rules, Regulations, Terms, and Conditions of the Film Competition.



Hollywood Black Film Festival prefers online entries submitted via, which provides cost-saving, paperless submission to film festivals around the world. Withoutabox’’s internet-only submission platform features online applications via one master entry form, online fee payments, press kits, and the option to use Secure Online Screeners, an economical, eco-friendly, and secure alternative to traditional hard-copy DVD submissions. Fill out one master entry form and take advantage of quick entry, extended deadlines, and powerful submission management tools. There’s no extra cost to you, and by submitting, you’’ll join Withoutabox’’s global filmmaker community and stay in the loop about international exhibition opportunities. Click to submit your film today!


12 Responses to “Submit to the HBFF 2013 Film Competition”
  1. I do not know why but I am able to fill out all the information for submitting my film. However, I do not see an actual submission processed?

    Please help.

    • admin_hbff says:

      Hi Jamila — All submissions must be cleared by the programming department before posted. You should receive notification once the submission has been cleared. You can also email our tech support directly for any further problems regarding your Withoutabox submission at


  2. I submitted my feature for consideration via withoutabox .. will I receive a confirmation from HBFF that they have in fact received my information?

    Hollywood Black Film Festival
    Tracking Number: 1248-FEA
    Read carefully! This has also been sent to

    Withoutabox Submitted
    • Entry Form for the project The Shop in Narrative Feature Film
    • Entry Fee 65.00 U.S. Dollar received 19-apr-2013
    • Secure Online Screener
    • Online Press Kit

  3. Derrick` says:

    My film is in post production. When do you need a finished version to be considered?

    • admin_hbff says:

      You can submit a rough cut for consideration; however, if your film is selected to screen at HBFF, your final version must be finished and delivered to the festival by the delivery due date of September 11, 2013.


  4. In regards to a due by date is it always midnight of that deadline date or has to be there before that actual date.

  5. ROSS says:

    Hi is there a chance there willl be an added extended film submission deadline beyond june 8?

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