HBFF/Indi.com Mobile Film Competition a Big Success!


*The HBFF & Indi.com Competition was a success! Log on to http://indi.com/t/434D07E9 to check out the winners.*


Hollywood Black Film Festival Mobile Film Competition presented by indi.com

The Hollywood Black Film Festival (HBFF), dubbed “The Black Sundance,” is an annual celebration of black cinema drawing together established and rising filmmakers, popular film and television stars, writers, industry executives, emerging artists and diverse audiences from Southern California and around the world. Together with Indi, we’re challenging you, the filmmaker, to create your best 3 minute film shot only with your mobile device (smart phone, iPad etc). The HBFF Jury will select the Judge’s Pick – and that filmmaker will have their short featured at the 2014 Hollywood Black Film Festival. There will be 3 cash prizes awarded in each category. Grab this opportunity to shine without needing expensive equipment – there’s nothing holding you back! Pick up your mobile device and start shooting!!!!!

Four (4) competitions will be held during the challenge, beginning in January, 2014. Each competition will focus on a different topic and we encourage filmmakers to be creative and ‘think beyond the box’ by offering new perspectives, shifting the norm, and/or utilizing innovative approaches.

There is NO COST to enter.



SUPERHERO, SCI-FY or HORROR: Create a short, up to 3 min. long using your mobile device. The story should include a superhero or be science fiction based or horror themed.


*The HBFF & Indi.com Competition was a success! Log on to http://indi.com/t/434D07E9 to check out the winners.*



Create a short up to 3 min (credits do not count towards the time of the film.)

All films submitted must be original, newly created content.

All films submitted must include HBFF and indi.com in the credits or they will not be accepted.

All films submitted must have a Black writer and/or director, or be Black-themed to qualify.

Cash prize details: Winner receives $500. 2nd place $100, 3rd place $50.

Jury prize details: Winner receives a screening at the 2014 Hollywood Black Film Festival.



Series Schedule/Timeframes follow a pattern of the last Friday of the month for the end of each competition and 2 weeks for judging.


Submission Starts:  January 1, 2014

Extended Deadline: Wednesday, February 19, 2014 at 2PM (Pacific Standard Time)

Voting Starts:  Wednesday, February 19, 2014 at 2 PM PST

Voting Ends:  Wednesday, February 26, 2014 at 2 PM PST


Step 1: Register online at http://indi.com/t/434D07E9 (It takes seconds); Use HBFF1234 as your password
Step 2:  Log into your email and confirm after you get the confirmation email from indi.com
Step 3:  Upload your video. If you experience technical difficulties, please email submissions@indi.com.

*The HBFF & Indi.com Competition was a success! Log on to http://indi.com/t/434D07E9 to check out the winners.*



40 Responses to “HBFF/Indi.com Mobile Film Competition a Big Success!”
  1. Shannon says:

    I’m so excited about this project! Good luck to all the filmmakers.

  2. I wanted to know if we can use intstrumental beats or do we have to use royalty Free Music?

    Thanks in Advance.


    • admin_hbff says:

      Hi Sean,

      You should have proper licenses to use any music featured in your film. your film and elements therein should not infringe upon any copyrights.

      HBFF Admin

      • Thanks!
        I will use the free music from the youtube site and my sound effects library of royalty free music.

        Thanks for the reply.

        • Why does the it still say “Coming Soon” on the indi.com site if you are taking Submissions now till the 31st of this Month?

          • admin_hbff says:

            Hi Sean,
            That’s a good question. I will send a note to the Indi team. We are actively taking submissions for the first challenge: Sci-fi / Super Hero. Deadline is 11:59 pm PST on Jan 31, 2014.

            HBFF Admin

        • Hello HBFF,

          I received a voice mail about a 500$ Private Comment Contest Winner!

          I was told by voice mail to call back or respond to this same post, so sorry I missed your call…

          (I tried to call back, but my caller ID has Unknown as the number & it won’t allow me to call back the number)

          Please Call Back…LOL…
          Thanks HBFF.

  3. Why does the it still say “Coming Soon” on the indi.com site if you are taking Submissions now till the 31st of this Month?

  4. veronica says:

    What is the time deadline on January 31, for the submission? i.e. 11:59 pm on January 31, 2014. Thanks

  5. Raynna says:

    Are the credits included in the 3 min maximum time? Thank you!

  6. Rich says:

    Can you still submit on jan 31st?

  7. Derek says:

    Hello There,

    Per part 2 of Step 1, it instructs us to use “HBFF123” as our Indi account password. However, the password must be 8 characters long to register.

    Please Advise,

  8. James says:

    Hi –

    Whom may I contact if I feel I am having tech difficulties with my upload?

  9. Andre Boyer says:

    Our short is not showing up After uploading, we tried to upload another one, but the website says its already uploaded, how can we assess this problem. the user name and short is called MAELSTROM, please let me know if you have found it thank you

  10. Hey,

    Just double checking. The website said that voting was going to start on Jan 31st. Does it start today, Feb 1st, 2014; and if so will all the contestants get a link to send out to people? Thanks!!

    Bradford Stevens

    • admin_hbff says:

      Hi Bradford,

      Yes, voting does begin today; however, a panel of HBFF judges will select the “Judge’s Pick” and that filmmaker will have their short featured at the 2014 Hollywood Black Film Festival.

      Good Luck!

      HBFF Admin

      • Stacie says:

        I don’t think the voting is open yet. The e-mail I received from Indi.com said the voting wouldn’t start til March 10th. Right now the voting option is not working. Is it supposed to be now or March 10?

      • James says:

        Hi –

        Per your response to Bradford, I have clicking around but there doesn’t seem to be a way to vote for the videos. Is there a button somewhere? Do you know when the email will be going out regarding voting?

  11. Hey,

    Thanks for getting back to us. Our film, “Flying Man” is in the competition, to the best of my knowledge I don’t think there’s been a link sent out to any of the contestants to allow people to vote, or anyway to actuallay cast a vote on the site itself. Is there anyone we should contact about this?

    Bradford Stevens

  12. Raynna says:

    I received an email from indi.com stating that voting doesn’t start until March 10…

  13. March 10th. Great. I”ll pass that along. A few more questions; can more videos be submitted or is it closed now with the films currently in the competition? Also, can the films be submitted into other festivals?

    Bradford Stevens

    • Hello,

      I just learned the deadline has been extended until Feb 19th. This doesn’t sit well with me. I feel it’s unfair to the 18 film makers who worked hard to get their films in by Jan 31st deadline. If the competition is in high demand, then maybe “another” competition should be held at a later time. Also, is there anyway to get in contact with Indi.com directly, email, etc….

  14. jessica says:

    can you edit the video on a regular computer, using software like final cut pro, Avid, or Vegas, or do you have to edit it on the smart phone?

  15. Ebony says:


    I uploaded my project to indi.com and received an email that said my entry was accepted. However, I never saw any place that allowed me to put in the password HBFF1234 or fill out a form with my information including name and project details. I just want to be sure that I properly entered the contest for the Hollywood Black Film Festival Mobile Competition Thank you in advance!

  16. Joshua Holly says:

    Hello my name is Joshua Holly and I am participating in this mobile film challenge… A series of things have happen over these past 2 weeks… Since the extended deadline I have been working extremely hard on this project… I am the director, editor, composer, and writer of this iphone film. I am a full time student and California state northridge, with that said I was not able to spend as much time as I wanted on this project… I am finished with the final product but 5 minutes after the deadline the portal closed… It’s just 5 minutes and I have the file ready to go… And ready To send… 5 minutes late!! which I have a photo of and can be sent for prof. I have sent an email 55 minutes ago to submissions@indi.com but haven’t got responded too which I can send you also for prof… By any chance Can I upload the video on Dropbox and send it to you or can you open back up the submissions… Either one will be wonderful and I would very much appreciate it… Please I have given my all and for me not the qualify will really break me… Please contact me ASAP Joshua.holly.360@my.csun.edu

    • admin_hbff says:

      Hi Joshua,

      Thanks for your interest in the contest!

      I have forwarded your post to those managing the Challenge; however, I am not able to offer you any guarantees as to whether they are able to make an exception for you. This is a joint program between HBFF & Indi.com, with contractual agreements in place. If I hear back from our managers, I will post. Otherwise, I have asked someone to respond to you regarding the situation directly.

      HBFF Admin

    • admin_hbff says:


      Joshua — please see personal reply sent via email on late submission instructions. good luck!

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